Mangetout Consultancy Service include:
Market study, market positioning, market research;
Concept development, concept design;
Menu development, menu engineering, menu analysis;
Recipe development, Food styling; 
Restaurant start up, turnarounds, franchising;
Profit enhancement, expense, and cost reduction;
Marketing plans, business plans;
Operation manuals, P&P;
Purchasing and cost programs, procurement projects;
Recruitment and training. ​


Mangetout sarl is a full-service Food and Beverage Resource Company and a Culinary consultancy. We specialize in creating new brands, restructuring existing brands, and in some cases, developing exit strategies for companies that are simply unable to compete. From concept development to opening day and beyond, developing turnarounds, managing restorations, undertaking varied system development, improvement and/or implementation and best practice operating principles, to creating market advantage, repositioning ill-conceived concepts, Mangetout Consulting can assist you in your efforts to achieve profitability.

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