Our Services


Mangetout remains focused on the competitive differentiation of commercial and non-commercial consumer needs and in supporting those needs with a cutting-edge Just Add Heat meals product (les juste à rechauffer). We are also committed to continuous innovation and improvement in using culinary tools throughout every aspect of our business.

Food Provider and Distributor
The Mangetout distribution of Just Add Heat meals is ideal for food service outlets where kitchen space, budget constraints, and lack of know-how is a main concern. We provide an extensive range of preset and/or customized hot and cold, salty and sweet meals through our central production facility and regenerate onsite, thus, creating a consistent, high quality product in a limited space environment.
The added value of using the Mangetout Just Add Heat range are the savings in labor costs and product wastage due to portion control of the individually packed pouches, advance preparation, long shelf life, and space-saving, seeing that vacuumed foods take up relatively little space when stored. All food handlers have to do is simply open the vacuumed pouch, heat, and serve upon request. We provide all necessary information, including hygiene handling, heating instructions, storage methods, and plate presentation.
We distribute our product line to self-service retail outlets such as supermarkets and high-end grocers, enabling the consumers to pick up their menu choice and ready-to-heat meals and allowing them to have a nutritious and fresh meal in the comfort of their homes or offices. 


Our profound understanding of culinary needs and expectations has resulted in a number of quality catering services, which incorporate taste, style, variety, and value for money. Our investments in a state-of-the-art kitchen, enrollment of certified executive chefs and restaurant professionals-team, and the use of sous-vide technology enable us to quickly respond to the demanding and ever-changing needs of the market. 

Catering to Corporate Companies 
As the region’s premier caterer, our first-class catering status is built on quality and service. We have a well-established reputation for providing professional catering services that are original, dependable, cost- effective and flexible to your needs.

Stylish Business Catering 
Whether you require a simple sandwich lunch at your office or an exciting themed three-course boardroom meal with silver service, we can provide both while paying the highest attention to quality and service.

Event and Venue Catering 
We can cater for trade shows, corporate meetings and seminars, exhibits, and conferences from 15-1,000 people. If you are unsure of which venues you wish to use, we can help you locate just about anything you are looking for. 

Movie and Location Catering 
Given our central location, we have provided catering services to many movies and TV location shoots and activities around Lebanon. 

Private and Wedding Catering 
We not only cater to your every need, we also ensure that you benefit from our many years of professional experience (as hundreds of satisfied clients can attest). Whether it is a Wedding or a Banquet, the solution is in our hands.